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Feauture Projects 

Can Ecosse Engineering Inc. offers complete professional engineering services in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Chemical and Instrumentation & Controls from the conceptual study stages of a project through to the detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, commissioning and start-up.

Project 1. London District Energy Plant for Fort Chicago District Energy Limited

​Can Ecosse was contracted to support late-construction and commissioning activities for the London District Energy CHP Plant.

The London District Energy Plant was a combined cycle CHP plant built under the OPA CHP RFP program. The plant was capable of:

     · Over 18 MW peak output

     · 130,000 pph sat. steam at various pressure levels

The plant consisted of:

     · One (1) Solar Titan 130 15 MW ISO Rating GT

     · One (1) Rentech HRSG

     · Two (2) Redundant Gas Compressor Systems

     · One (1) 1400 ton absorption chiller

     · Three (3) Elliott STGs​

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Project 2. Ontario Power Generators (OPG) Lennox Generating Station

​​​​​​​​​The project involved a detailed feasibility study to assess the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a combined heat plant at the Lennox Thermal Generating Station. The detailed feasibility study was an extension of Lennox's a high level analysis of the facility and to further develop it to verify the economic and technical feasibility of installing a CHP. The study involved the selection and configuration of a suitable CHP design that addressed and coordinated both the electrical and thermal demands of the power generation station. A statistical model of the proposed CHP configurations was devloped along with economic evaluation of the facilty to determine and verify that it could meets the operation and economic goals of the Lennox  

Generating Station.

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Project 3. ES Fox for OPG Lennox GS - Fuel Oil Rail Unloading Project

Can Ecosse was the contracted by ES Fox to provide complete engineering services for the design, site services, commissioning and testing of a rail car unloading system for Ontario Power Generators (OPG) Lennox Generating Station.

The new residual fuel oil unloading system provides OPG with the ability to unload and transfer fuel oil from the existing rail unloading system to the existing Day Tanks as well the existing Storage Tanks. The fuel unloading system is based on the GTAX compressed air unloading system and will have the ability of unloading two strings of up to 15 interconnected rail cars simultaneously. The fuel oil unloading system consists of a two primary process systems; a compressed motive air supply system and a fuel oil surge tank and unloading system.

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