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OPG Lennox Generating Station
Heavy Fuel Rail Unloading Project

Client:       Ontario Power Generators (OPG), Lennox Generating Station

Owner:      Ontario Power Generators (OPG)

Project:     GATAX Compressed Air Heavy Fuel Rail Unloading System

Location:   Bath, Ontario

Services:   Complete engineering services for an Engineer, Procure, Construction and Commissioning Services (EPCC) contract with OPG Lennox for the design and construction of the rail car unloading facility.


Project Description

Can Ecosse was the contracted by ES Fox to provide complete engineering services for the design, site services, commissioning and testing of a rail car unloading system for Ontario Power Generators (OPG) Lennox Generating Station. The new residual fuel oil unloading system provides OPG with the ability to unload and transfer fuel oil from the existing rail unloading system to the existing Day Tanks as well the existing Storage Tanks. The fuel unloading system is based on the GTAX compressed air unloading system and has the ability to unload two strings of up to 15 interconnected rail cars simultaneously. The fuel oil unloading system consists of a two primary process systems; a compressed motive air supply system and a fuel oil surge tank and unloading system. In addition to the engineering services provided on the project Can Ecosse was also responsible for conducting:

  • HAZOP analysis of the new rail unloading system design and operation.

  • Operator training.

  • Commissioning services and coordination with the manufacturers and contractor.



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